Meet the characters

Ari KirshenbaumAri Kirshenbaum is a psychology professor at St. Michael’s College.He teaches several courses including general psychology, animal learning and behavior, behavioral pharmacology, research methods. Prior to coming to St. Michael’s College, Kirshenbaum conducted research at NASA’s Ames Research Center and in private industry.

The lure of cryptozoology lies in its inherent mystery, Kirshenbaum said in a December 2007 interview.

“Certainly when you have something elusive, like dinosaurs that should be extinct and all that, I think people are pretty captivated by the mysterious.”

Those who are drawn to cryptozoology most likely come for many different reasons, Kirshenbaum said.

“I guess I can’t entirely speak to the motivations of the scientists that explore these kinds of things,” Kirshenbaum explained. “Maybe they have too much free time? Or maybe they’re just out to demonstrate that science can take on issues outside of the box.”