Pat Spain lands Nat Geo cryptozoology show, “Beast Hunter”

Posted January 27th, 2011 in announcements

This past week we here at Chasing Discovery heard some exciting news for anyone interested in crytozoology.Pat Spain Beast Hunter

Pat Spain, one of the scientists who appeared in Chasing Discovery, is hosting a brand new Cypto-focused show that will air on the National Geographic Channel beginning this March!!!

The show, aptly titled “Beast Hunter“, will follow Pat around the globe as he examines the legends, and science, behind some of cryptozoology’s most intriguing cases, including Mokele-mbembe, Orang Pendek and the Mongolian Death Worm.

Pat looks for clues of animals sleeping in tree trunks in Kerinci National Park.
Here is Nat Geo’s blurb describing the show that’s posted on their website:

“Beast Hunter is hosted by Pat Spain, a biologist and explorer who travels the globe in search of mythical creatures, immersing himself amongst the tribes, people and cultures on his quest to find the truth between fact and fiction.”

If you want a sneak peek, there are a few clips posted on the “Beast Hunter” series page on the Nat Geo website. It’s definitely worth checking out, especially this clip of Pat taking part in an Amazonian tribal ritual involving gloves full of bullet ants… yikes!!

Anyway, be sure to tune in to “Beast Hunter” this March on Nat Geo, and check back here often, as we’ll be posting any updates about the show or new clips as we hear about them.

Happy Hunting

– Bill

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