Film crew

Chasing Discovery was filmed, produced and edited by Mark Gould and Bill O’Connor for Straight to DVD Productions in the winter of 2007 and spring of 2008.

Mark Gould

After speaking at the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center, filmmaker Mark Gould poses with Champ, the mascot for the Vermont Lake Monsters single-A baseball team.

Mark and Bill traveled the country in order to speak with some of the top researchers in cryptozoology including Loren Coleman (regarded as the worlds leading authority on general cryptozoology) and Jeff Meldrum (the world’s preeminent authority on Sasquatch).

The filmmakers also sought out some of cryptozoology’s harshest critics to get a true sense for the criticism and adversity that cryptozoologists must face while conducting their inquiries.

Chasing Discovery attempts to bring the viewer into the rarely seen universe of cryptozoology and provide the audience with insight into an unorthodox science that could provide us with some of the most interesting zoological discoveries since Darwin’s “On The Origin of the Species”.

Chasing Discovery has been screened at local events such as “Champ Week” at the ECHO Lake Acquarium and Science Center.

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