Meet the characters

Gary Mangiacopra has spent the better part of 40 years researching all things cryptozoology.Gary Mangiacopra

He first became interested in the field as a young boy after reading multiple magazine articles on cryptids such as the yeti and Bigfoot. Mangiacopra’s interest in the field grew throughout his adolescence.

In college, he began his first formal research in cryptozoology, eventually writing his masters dissertation on the giant octopus.

During his years as a cryptozoologist, Gary has experienced mockery and disdain for his work.

“The problem is, everyone laughs and says, ‘there are no such animals, what have you been drinking?’ There’s a lot of hostility in this field,” he said.

Mangiacopra has amassed a large collection of historical cryptozoological documents and clippings and has done work with some of the fields pioneers including Bernard Heuvelmans, the “father” of modern cryptozoology. He has published multiple articles on cryptozoology in various journals and magazines.

In 2007 Gary published “Does Champ Exist,” his first full length cryptozoology book on the 1981 Lake Monster conference concerning the existence of the legendary monster rumored to inhabit Vermont’s Lake Champlain. He co-authored the book with Dwight G. Smith.

Gary currently has upwards of six books in the works, including a two-volume set on sea serpents.