Meet the characters

Loren ColemanLoren Coleman is currently the world’s foremost authority on cryptozoology.

After a career in academia which included teaching documentary film at the University of Southern Maine and researching topics from media influence to teen suicide, he retired to dedicate his time to his passion, cryptozoology.

Author/coauthor of 35 books and hundreds of articles on various topics within cryptozoology, Coleman has contributed an array of information to the field. He writes a popular blog “Cryptomundo,” which is a daily rundown of all things cryptozoology.  Coleman has also made dozens of television appearances on “MonsterQuest,” “Lost Tapes,” and other documentaries.

Despite having contributed so much to the field, Coleman faces the same financial struggles that are familiar to cryptozoologists of all levels.

In 2003, he created the International Cryptozoology Museum in his Portland, Maine home. Dozens of movie props, footprint casts, and miniature creatures fill two rooms. The museum featured an eight-foot-tall bigfoot, weighing more than 500 pounds. Chasing Discovery features a 15-minute guided tour of the museum as one of two bonus features on the disc.  Since being interviewed for Chasing Discovery, Coleman has moved the museum to a public location in downtown Portland in November 2009.  The museum has since won many awards, and Coleman says he plans to expand to a larger location in 2012.