Pat Spain’s “Beast Hunter” premieres tonight!

Posted March 4th, 2011 in announcements

And we here at Chasing Discovery couldn’t be more excited!!!

The series pilot has Pat Spain traveling to the small Indonesian island of Sumatra in pursuit of the Orang Pendek, the bipedal ape-like creature that natives claim still roams the island’s vast jungles. When we were filming Chasing Discovery, both Loren Coleman and Jeff Meldrum mentioned Orang Pendek during our interviews with them and seemed genuinely excited when discussing the plausibility of this cryptid’s existence.

Meldrum, one of the world’s most respected Sasquatch researchers, and Coleman, the preeminent authority on all things crytozoology, both said they found the case for Orang Pendek’s existence quite compelling, especially given the 2004 discovery of fossils from a small bi-pedal creature on the neighboring island of Flores. Those fossils were later identified as belonging to an entirely new humanoid species, Homo floresiensis; a species that happens to share some key characteristics (including height) with the eye-witness descriptions of Orang Pendek.

So be sure to tune into the National Geographic Channel tonight at 9 pm to follow Pat on his quest to uncover the facts about this legendary creature, and check below  for a sneak peek at tonight’s episode.

Until next time, happy hunting!

– Bill

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