Larry FrisoliChasing Discovery features an original soundtrack created by friend and musical genius Larry Frisoli.

Larry Frisoli is a musician with a knack for expressing the inexpressible. The majority of the music found in Chasing Discovery was created with purely experimental methods—having no actual schooling in music theory, Larry did all the composition by ear and on the spot.

Musician Larry Frisoli recorded 12 songs for Chasing Discovery.

No percussion instruments were used and all instruments were borrowed from friends and family, besides the electric bass. The recording process took place over three months in the Spring of 2008, again using borrowed gear from friends.Set Records L.L.C. is a record label formed by friends Bill and Zach Jandl of Peterborough, NH. The soundtrack was recorded outside of their studios, but the Jandl brothers agreed that it would be a worthy addition to their catalog. It was Larry’s decision to donate his creation to Mark Gould and Bill O’Connor, as no money was spent to create and produce the music.

Picking up the electric bass at age 14, Larry began learning bass lines from classic rock radio stations. After only a year and a half of lessons, Larry quit and put down his bass—only to pick it up a few years later upon joining Carlson, a Winchester, Ma based rock group. It was during the experimental jam sessions and regular rehearsals where Larry was educated on how to create and communicate through music. In the following years, his band Carlson won the regional Youth Battle of the Bands two years in a row, continuing as a band through college in the Burlington, Vt area and recording three CD’s that are for sale through band members.

As a founding member of bands Death Pesos (heavy metal – Burlington, Vt), Scrambled Porn (classic rock covers – Barnstable, Ma), and Electro-Magnetic Tomato (jazz-funk – Winchester, Ma), Larry has performed all around New England. These bands are no longer active, but the resonant energy of their performances remain.

Today, Larry resides in San Francisco, CA, where he works in music promotion and booking. Continuing to create music on the side, Larry considers his experience recording the soundtrack for Chasing Discovery to be one of his proudest musical accomplishments. He hopes you enjoy the film, and can be contacted if you have questions or comments at